Wood Fired Ovens

We can assist you in choosing the right wood fired bake oven for your needs whether it’s stationary or mobile and whatever the size of your space. 

We offer residential, commercial and mobile wood-fired pizza and bread ovens for domestic chefs, commercial restaurants, event planners and backyard enthusiasts. 

Wood-fired bake ovens bake, roast, grill & slow cook dishes in a third of the time of conventional ovens.  The dome shape acts as a radiant & convection oven, producing a food juicy yet crisp with a distinctive smoky flavor


Wood fired bake ovens are versatile and there’s plenty of choices: 

  • Pizza & bread ovens (custom built refractory brick ovens)
  • Wood-gas combination ovens
  • Custom designed bake ovens 
  • Wood fired oven kits

Portable Wood Fired Oven

Residential Project - Gulf Islands

Always doing our best to accommodate your specific project needs, David Johnstone Masonry & Design feature ovens with superior heat retention and insulating qualities.